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Military Families-- Thank you for your service!

Whether through her varied speaking engagements, or in her published book, America's Hidden Heroes: Survival Tactics for the Families of our Military Forces, Amy Stevens connects with her audience and shares her experiences, while creating a great sense of pride in the military family.  With a firm belief that she is serving her country as a military wife...Amy Stevens shares methods for improving relationships and dealing with the emotions that surround a deployment.

The survival guide was written to honor, guide, and connect with military families who are currently serving their country; by supporting their servicemember. There are many books on how to navigate the military bases, proper etiquette, rank issues, and how to move your family every few years, but very few with practical advice for a combat deployment separation.

A business owner, military wife, and mother of two young sons, Amy Stevens has written this book so that others may have a head-start on preparing for and successfully managing a long-term deployment.

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