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"Amy has brought a wonderful quality to our audiences.  Not only does she understand deploymentlife as a National Guard wife, but she truly makes a differences with her service to this community."  Janie Marty, TAG Spouse (Texas) 2004


"Ms. Stevens obviously speaks from the voice of experience.  The book offers a wealth of support advice and practical coping skills for the families of our deployed service members.  Our office was extremely impressed with the book, and have contacted Family Service Centers for the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. National Guard to recommend the book and give Ms. Steven's contact information."--Allison Barber: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Arrairs for Internal Communications, in a letter to Senator John Cornyn.

Amy Stevens has spoken to a variety of audiences across the country, been featured on local and state-wide news channels, lead breakout sessions and workshops, and encouraged military spouses across the country.  Her book has been read and recommended by thousands.  She is passionate about helping military families strengthen their relationships and marriages, and focuses her talks on:

Maintaining a Positive Attitude
How can we maintain a positive attitude when our spouse is deployed, about to be deployed, or has been gone so long we can hardly imagine that we have one? It isn’t always easy, but it is possible! Amy Stevens shares proven strategies and techniques for building positive experiences: through exercises on self-talk and psychology, goal- setting and stress-free living. This talk will give the audience the inspiration to do more than survive: but THRIVE during a deployment.

Strengthening Your Relationships
A deployment can be wrought with fears, anxiety and stress for all involved. During times of stress, all relationships can be strained. Amy shares strategies for building relationships that last through deployments and beyond. Her role-playing exercises, personal examples, and team building strategies have helped military marriages, family readiness groups, and extended family members grow stronger through the deployment cycle.

Dealing with Stress and THE STRESSED
This talk is a combination of strategies taken from “Maintaining a Positive Attitude” and “Strengthening Your Relationships” that will highlight positive approaches, stress reduction techniques, and an understanding attitude that is required for a successful military family or organization. Dealing with relationships, group dynamics, and personalities under stress will allow the participant to effectively manage the workplace and home during a deployment.

The Real Reunion...How to Make it Work
The dream “reunion” is right around the corner….isn’t it? For most couples, the long-awaited reunion can bring some challenges along with the joy. Amy shares her techniques for setting expectations and improving genuine communication, which contribute to the successful reunion. A humorous and understanding look at life after deployment is presented in a way that immediately improves relationships and eliminates the stress involved.

.... and other custom programs for the Military community.