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States With Proclamations Recognizing November as National Military Family Month:






There are many things that individuals and communities can do to support America’s Hidden Heroes. These dedicated people can use our support all year long, but especially during the holiday season.


Keeping in mind that November is National Military Family Month- the following list, which is by no means all-inclusive, is a starting point for ideas that you, your family, your church, or your community can do to support our military servicemen and women families during their tours of duty.


  • Adopt a family for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas
  • Send a care package to families
  • Organize a silent auction and donate proceeds to a family or organization that supports military families
  • Create a monthly mothers/fathers day out
  • Conduct a garage sale and donate funds to a family
  • Volunteer with an organization that provides support services for families with deployed loved ones
  • Baby sit for a mother or father with a deployed spouse
  • Mentor or tutor the children
  • Establish a carpool to help parents get children to various events
  • Purchase school supplies or school clothes for a family with children
  • If a business person, offer your services and/or product at no cost to a family (example: oil changes, financial management, career counseling, etc.)
  • Create a scholarship drive to help a parent pay for his or her child’s college education
  • Purchase gift certificates for gas, groceries or even a day at the spa
  • Organize a Fall Festival with game booths and invite military families and provide proceeds to families or organizations that support military families
  • Create a book club for adults and for children
  • Have a picnic
  • Provide handyman services for a family in need of home repairs
  • Mow a family’s lawn, paint their house, or wash the family’s car
  • PRAY for the military service members and their families


Through key links to to resources you need:




Department of Defense

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve